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We make pharma stakeholders grow faster and cheaper in Emerging Markets for greater value, access and market fluidity.​​

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We provide the Tech and Data platform
that power pharma Go-To-Market

For Pharma Companies

Digitalize your Go-to-Market model with SaaS, data and network solutions with the preferred choice for pharma companies, distributors and wholesalers

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Why POC meets our Clients' needs

"The needs and expectations of our customers are changing. Face-to-face cannot be the only way to interact with them anymore. POC helps us go Phygital and be very data-driven in the way we engage our customers."

"POC is very innovative and revolutionary. They come with an offering that is truly unique to this space. POC measures the impact of our activities and provides the platform to bring them to the next level."

"We are looking for more efficient and impactful Business Models to manage a USD 7Bn portfolio that makes the majority of its sales in the retail channel. End-to-end Digital Solutions developed by POC Pharma can be the answer."

POC Pharma Solutions are used in 20+ countries around the globe.

From global leaders to domestic pharma players, we help everyone to make pharmaceutical products widely accessible to patients.

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