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Maximize the value of your data by integrating with our proprietary insights to enhance customer engagement and drive growth

Actionable intelligence.

We combine POC Pharma’s proprietary data with your existing datasets
to break down data silos and enhance data utility.
Our solution integrates seamlessly into your workflows,
offering clear, actionable insights that drive business growth

How can you leverage Analytics Solutions?

Customer targeting

Focus efforts on customers that drive sales

Dynamic segmentation:
Leverage real-time data to continuously adapt customer targeting based on evolving needs and potential

Tailor customer engagements by leveraging deeper data insights like customer behavior and historical sales patterns

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Resource allocation

Shift commercial resources across customers to maximize opportunities

Phygital coverage:
Balance traditional engagement with digital components to meet diverse customer needs

Remote selling:

leverage digital tools to expand reach and generate sales remotely

Engagement tactics

Execute activities with the highest sales impact

Empower your sales force with dynamic call plans and compelling customer targets to drive performance

Marketing & Trade:

Leverage precision marketing to enhance customer engagements, and design data-backed discount promotions and trade programs to cultivate customer loyalty


Leverage insights on sales concentrations,
promo impact, competitive intelligence,
growth opportunities, and more!


Assess how your promotional efforts impact the return on investment for your brands

Understand how coverage, call frequency, discount promotions, and other programs affect sell-out market share to determine customer coverage and optimize future engagements

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Analyze customer engagement metrics

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Evaluate ROI on promotions and discount programs

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Optimize future engagement strategies


Uncover upside potential and overlooked opportunities for expansion across customer segments,channels, and geographies

Identify and quantify sales upsides and opportunities to allocate resources and meet business objectives

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Explore and identify expansion areas

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Quantify sales upsides for expansion and promotions

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Allocate resources for growth objectives


Identify key customer segments and concentrations to confidently allocate resources

Analyze concentration and segmentation of sales channels to determine the size, importance, and number of customers

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Map out sales channel distribution

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Prioritize segments for resource allocation

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Track segment performance and adjust strategy


Design your sales force considering segmentation
targeting (S&T), structure, size, territories, and more!


Evaluate market potential and identify high-potential customers not currently covered

Combine sell-in data with other customer-level data like sell-out data, inventory, consumer traffic, and other pharmacy profiling data for a more complete assessment of customer potential

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Integrate multiple data sources for insights

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Identify uncovered high-potential customers

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Refine customer potential assessments with dynamic segmentation


Streamline sales force structure for improved customer coverage and enhanced performance

By analyzing market trends, growth opportunities, and promotional impacts, we refine your sales force structure to align with your business objectives. Working closely with sales leaders, we effectively align territories, boosting efficiency and enhancing customer interactions for improved business outcomes

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Streamline salesforce structure to maximize ROI

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Leadership workshops to align on business goals

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Tailor engagement to strategic goals

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