POP data

POP (Pharmacies Observation Post)
provides unique sales data and behavioral insights
on the retail pharmacy channel

POP Data and Insights

Sanisphere POP ’s unique KPIs drive specific action plans
to grow your business

-  Measure your performance
-  Identify opportunities for growth
-  Understand actionable levers
-  Quantify impact of engagement


How does your brand perform against competitors,
and in which segments can it improve further?


How does your brand perform on prescribers,
pharmacist recommendations, and patient requests?


What is the impact of your trade activities
and sales force engagement on your retail KPIs?


How often are sales opportunities for your brand not converted, and why?


What symptoms result in recommendations for your category,
and how does your brand perform?

POP Methodology

How do we gather and analyze observations from pharmacies?

Observation at the point-of-sale to capture sell-out and behavioral data

Capture sell-out data, in the context where POS management systems do not properly track sales

Capture behavioral data, in the context where pharmacists play a significant role in brand success

POP Footprint

Sanisphere POP is compiled from observations across 20 emerging markets

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We help 60+ pharma companies grow their sales in the retail channel

What our clients say


Retail Director APAC, Pfizer

"POC Advanced Analytics helped us measure how well our activities worked on our targeted customers, but also identify and quantify specific areas where we need to perform better. Capitalizing on even a few represents opportunities in the millions of dollars for Pfizer."


International Project Director, BIOGARAN

"POP data is a very strong indicator of commercial performance. Sanisphere is also a strategic partner to acquire new pharmaceutical entities, as we recently did in Nigeria, and to launch new products, originators or generics."


Head of Market Research, Laboratoire Innotech International

"POC Pharma is definitely a key expert partner in our retail development. With a wide range of solutions, Sanisphere provide us a complementary vision on our pharmacy business in a fast-changing environment."

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